About Us

Luxury Jewelry Reinvented

Helping Beautiful Memories to be
Remarkably Set in Stone!

That’s the thing about beautiful memories: they mean so much to you, that you literally want them to last forever. Their existence in the hearts of your loved ones, as much as in yours, is perpetually cherished—so why not have such meaningful memories literally set in stone?

NovoLuxe uses a brand new microtechnology technique to have a photograph depicting one of these special moments imprinted behind a gemstone. This means you can literally have a one-of-a-kind personalized gemstone with a unique meaning that you can feel, appreciate, wear and carry, being reminded of that special moment every time you wear or see your unique gemstone.

We know that people say that every gemstone has a story to tell… but NovoLuxe allows you to decide which special story that gemstone that you’re gifting to you or to a loved one embodies.

The different jewelry designs that we have available allow you to choose from different styles to have a certain special photograph embedded in your gemstone—an image that you can easily see with the naked eye when putting your gemstone under light or through a phone’s camera lens.

Adding convenience to this unforgettable gift, NovoLuxe Stones have a slight magnification property to make it easier for you or the person you care about to see the image and remember its special meaning—being cut in a way that allows light in, illuminating your memories, while not distorting the image.

In short, at NovoLuxe, we’re using nanotechnology to reinvent and revive the concept of elegance, the relevance of jewelry, and the role of photographs in people’s lives.