Our NovoLuxe Stones are simulated gemstones with the brilliance and beauty of a natural gemstone. The secret to these stones lie in their ability to magnify your images with crystal clear clarity. Every stone is carefully cut and put through a rigorous quality inspection to ensure each stone found in your jewelry is perfect.  

Because every piece of jewelry is handcrafted and made to order, we are able to offer the choice of gemstone color for each style of jewelry we have. As time passes, we will add more types of stones for you to choose from. Below is the evergrowing list of stones we offer. 

NovoLuxe Diamond

A symbol of eternal love. It is known to represent health and a long happy life.  These beautiful white stones are perfect for any occasion and match with everything. As the saying goes “a girls best friend”. The Birthstone of April.

NovoLuxe Peridot

 A symbol of strength. It is thought to have mystical powers in treating psychological ailments. For this reason it has the nickname “Stone of Lightness” as it counters negative emotions. The birthstone of August. 

NovoLuxe Yellow Quartz

A variation of the gemstone Citrine symbolizing beauty and brilliance. Throughout history it was believed the stone carried properties for self-healing and self-improvement. Citrine is the birthstone of November. 

NovoLuxe Blue Topaz

A symbol of harmony and relaxation. This stones beautiful color resembles the deep blue waters of the ocean. It is thought to promote good fortune to its wearer and can indicate good fortune is on its way. The birthstone of December.

NovoLuxe Amethyst

A symbol of peace. It thought to aid those who are in stressful situations. A striking purple colored gemstone who’s beauty is thought to represent luxury and royalty. The birthstone of February.